Preschool Phonics App (Phonics_Prek)

Preschool Phonics App

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Grade:Preschool & Kindergarten

Topic: Phonics


Publisher:Kiz Phonics, Eduterials Ltd.

Preschool Phonics App (Phonics_Prek) Lite

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Grade: Preschool

Topic: Phonics

Platform: Apple

Publisher:Kiz Phonics, Eduterials Ltd.

In this app, children will learn to distinguish between the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet while learning the beginning sounds of letters and three new words beginning with each letter. This is the first step in learning to read. Children will learn phonemic and print awareness in these activities. These videos and games are part of our preschool phonics program on
This app works great with our KIZ PHONICS BOOK 1 for Preschool & Low Kindergarten. It is a great complementary product and is suitable for children between the ages of 2 - 6 years of age.

  1. VIDEOS: The videos cover the 26 letters of the alphabet and are song-based lessons. Song-based lessons are great for children of a young age who are beginning their journey into reading. Songs help children learn twice as fast.  In a single letter-sound video, you child learns the names of letters, capital and small letters, beginning sounds of letters and three words that begin with the sound of the letter.
  2. GAMES: Every video is accompanied by a finger tracing/multiple choice fun activity to reinforce what is learned in the videos. These activities are carefully designed to help kids learn and practice the writing order of letters, distinguish between capital and small letters while learning the names and sounds of letters.

The app is your preschool and kindergarten early reading development companion, based on the proven methods of phonics.

Reading specialists were behind the development of the app, making sure pronunciation of letter sounds were accurate. You will hear the letter sounds as they are supposed to be, especially the consonants  which other programs tend to mispronounce with the erroneous 'uh' addition. It is /b/ not /buh/.  A good beginning is essential at this stage.

Letters of the alphabet & words to learn:

  1. Letter Aa: astronaut, apple, ant
  2. Letter Bb: banana, ball, bat
  3. Letter Cc: carrot, cat, cap
  4. Letter Dd: dancing, dog, duck
  5. Letter Ee: elephant, egg, elf
  6. Letter Ff: flower, fish, foot
  7. Letter Gg: guitar, goose, goat
  8. Letter Hh: horse, hen, hat
  9. Letter Ii: iguana, igloo, ink
  10. Letter Jj: jacket, juice, jet
  11. Letter Kk: kangaroo, kitten, kite
  12. Letter Ll: lemon, lion, lamp
  13. Letter Mm: monkey, moon, mouse
  14. Letter Nn: nest, nose, nut
  15. Letter Oo: octopus, otter, ox
  16. Letter Pp: pencil, panda, pear
  17. Letter Qq: question, queen, quail
  18. Letter Rr: rabbit, rooster, rose
  19. Letter Ss: sunshine, seagull, seal
  20. Letter Tt: turtle, teddy, tie
  21. Letter Uu: umbrella, under, up
  22. Letter Vv: volcano, vet, van
  23. Letter Ww: window, wolf, wig
  24. Letter Xx: x-ray, fox, six
  25. Letter Yy: yellow, yo-yo, yak
  26. Letter Zz: zebra, zero, zoo

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