Pre-K Phonics Test

2nd Grade Level 1 Phonics Test

Kiz Phonics progressive assessment or screening test

Below are the following resources you need for administering an oral test after teaching all the contents of this level.

For Use with Students

  • Alphabet Test Sheet – Print this colorful test sheet for use with students – Day 1
  • Word Test Sheet – Print this colorful test sheet for use with students – Day 2

For Test Administrator’s Use Only

Report Sheets & Certificates

  • Progress Report Sheet - Print this progress report sheet and enter scores of all tests – one for every student
  • Certificate TemplateDownload this certificate template and create certificates for your learners if they pass

Refer to our teaching guide for this level to see what must be taught before administering this test.

Printables & Powerpoint

These high quality pdf worksheets are pages from our phonics activity book for preschool. Worksheets are arranged by course progression. Some of the skills the children will learn include:


You do not need to be a professional teacher to present the skills for this level. Our highly focused phonics video tutorials will easily do the job. Some of the videos include the following:


Kiz Phonics offers a variety of reading games for all kinds of learners. These activities often combine audio, visual and clicking to learn. Each activity is short and focused.


The listening section of our preschool phonics program is in sync with the worksheets of this level. Print a worksheet you want to use and choose the audio from the playlist.