What is Phonics?

This question is more common than you may think. Without sounding too technical, phonics helps children to match sounds to letters of the alphabet and is often the first step in becoming fully literate.  Children learn that words are made up of sounds (phonemes) and letters (graphemes) represent these sounds. For instance, children learn that […]

Phonics Lesson Plans Made Easy

The Kiz Phonics Resources & Structured Guide to Teaching a Child How to Read  It is not very often that you come across the perfect combination of resources to help kids learn in a progressive and structured manner. That’s KizPhonics for you - a systematic curriculum for teaching kids to read with synthetic phonics. It […]

The Alphabetic Principle

The alphabetic principle is the idea that letters and letter patterns represent spoken language. The alphabetic principle lays the foundation for reading words. Children need to identify, name, write letters and associate them with sounds at the very beginning of a literacy course. A good knowledge of letter names, shapes and sounds is a good […]

Print Awareness

Print awareness is an essential pre-reading skill, which teaches children that books are made up of words and that these words mean something. It makes children become aware of the fact that when adults read a book, they are not just making up the words by looking at pictures in the book. They are actually […]

Phonics vs. Phonetics: What’s the difference?

In order to appreciate the importance of phonics in English language education it is necessary to fully understand what phonics actually is. Many people often confuse phonics with phonetics so first of all we need to clearly define these terms. Phonetics is the study of speech sounds in a language and is focused purely on […]

Phonics Methods Used on KizPhonics

Kiz Phonics is a direct systematic phonics program, which uses an eclectic mix of analytics, analogy and synthetic phonics methods to develop literacy skills in children at an early age. All phonemic lessons are not created equal. Therefore, a methodology that employs a variety of teaching techniques is a winning formula. Kiz Phonics provides a […]