Printable Phonics Flashcards

This page was set up so that you can easily find our printable phonics flashcards, arranged by type.

Plain alphabet letters

 Letters of the Alphabet

Use these cards to teach the letters of the alphabet

alphabet tracing

 How to Write Letters Flaschards

Use these finger tracing alphabet cards to practice writing letters.

52 Words for Phonemic Awareness

Alphabet & Word cards

Introduce kids to letters and sounds.

letters and words flashcards

Alphabet & Two Words

Teach kids that letters represent sounds by teaching words that have the letter sound

short and long vowels

 Short and Long Vowels Flashcards

Print these cards for teaching short and long vowels with vowel digraphs

single letter consonants

Single letter consonants

Teach single letter consonants using these cards

phonemes Flashcards

Big-sized digraphs and blends cards

Teach the S, R & L Blends with Consonant Digraphs

digraphs and blends

Small-sized - digraphs and blends cards

Small sized consonant digraphs and blends phonemes cards - can be useful for games.

special vowels, r-controlled

R-controlled, Diphthongs and Special vowels

Teach r-controlled vowels, special vowels, diphthongs

special vowels, r-controlled

Blending Flash Cards

These flashcards should be used for lesson on blending and reading words. They are especially useful for teaching synthetic phonics.

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Phonics Flashcards as an Essential Teaching Aid

Phonics flashcards are an essential teaching aid which are designed to develop print and phonemic awareness. They can also be used to teach young learners the basics of phonics and a variety of English spelling irregularities. At Kiz Phonics we offer a variety of letter sounds and word families cards to help with phonics lessons. These phonics cards can easily be downloaded, printed and used for classroom teaching.
There are several types of phonics flashcards available. Our phonics flashcards are separated into phonemic categories for easy access. They are designed to be printed as A4, A5 and mini poker cards sizes. That way, they can be used for a variety of classroom activities that make learning fun. A great phonics card set is one that can be used with most phonetically-based reading programs.

Phonics flashcards are also a good way to practice reading. They help kids relate sounds to letters. These phonics activities teach kids how to use graphemes and phonemes to represent sounds in print. The Kiz Phonics flashcards are colorful picture cards.

Using flashcards to teach children phonics is a great way to reinforce your child's skills. These phonics flashcards can be used at home for many different purposes, from spelling to the study of sight words. It can even be used as a reward for learning. The simplest type of phonics flashcards will provide children with the alphabet and blending sound.

Parents will also find phonics flashcards helpful if they want to teach a child the basic sounds of the alphabet. They are easy to download, which makes them a convenient way to teach children phonics. Children will also encounter the same sounds and words within our games and worksheets. Downloads Kiz Phonics flashcards on this page and energize your phonics lessons.

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Pre-K & Kindergarten Books

Phonics set 1

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1st & 2nd Grade Books

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Board Games & Playing Card Sets

phonics board games

The teaching set is complete with board games and phonemic cards. we have grapheme cards, phoneme cards, alphabet cards which can all be used with the board game for fun phonics learning.