Mike Rides a Bike Song

  • Song:  Mike Rides a Bike (long 'i' song)
  • Learning Objectives: This phonics song helps to teach and practice the long vowel 'i' and the silent 'E' in words like - Mike, rides, kite, bike.  Point out that without the silent 'E', the word will be read with a short vowel sound - ride/rid, kite/kit. The song also teaches other forms of the long 'i'. Students will learn to use 'y' as long 'i' in words like 'cry & fly'. The song also introduces the vowel digraph 'igh' for long 'i' in words like 'high' & 'bright. This song is adapted from our phonics story book. Also check out the stories section here: https://www.kizphonics.com/phonics-readers/
  • After teaching the song, read the story. You may also teach the story before singing the song.

Song Worksheet

  • How to Teach: Turn on the music and the video. Let the students listen and watch once or twice. Break down the song and teach. To do that, tell students you will sing one line and they will sing the next.
  • Students' Line: Mike rides a bike
    Teacher's Line: And flies a kite 
    Students' Line: Kite flies so high 
    Teacher's Line: up in the sky. 
    After this, change lines.
    Keep doing this until the students can sing the song without teacher involvement. Next, ask students to pick out words that rhyme. Ask for other words that rhyme with the words in the song. Here is a good opportunity to teach a word list of similar words. Depending on the level, have the students replace a few word families in these song to make a new song with different words but the same word families.

Song Worksheet:
After teaching learners to sing the song, have the students do some writing activity.
Print out the song worksheet for this video and have them do the writing activities.
By combining listening and singing of the song with writing, the overall result is much improved.