ABC Sound Song

  • Song: Alphabet & Sounds of the ABC song
  • Learning Objectives: This is the ABC letters of the alphabet song with a spin. This song teaches both the 26 graphemes of the alphabet and 26 sounds. It is a good song for introducing learners to the idea that letters make sounds. The song raises their phonemic and print awareness. Please note that there are 26 letters of the alphabet but these letters can make up to 44 phonemes.  It is important for learners to know both the letters of the alphabet and the initial sounds of letters.
  • Letters:  A-Z and 26 beginning phonemes of the alphabet.

Song Worksheet

  • How to Teach: Turn on the phonics music video. Let the students listen and watch once or twice. Break down the song and teach. To do that, tell students teacher will sing four letters and the students the next 4.
  • Teacher's Line: A, B, C, D
    Students' Line: E, F, G, H
    Keep doing this and before you know it, your learners will be singing the whole song without any help. Do the same for the sound part of the song.

Song Worksheet:
After teaching learners to sing the song, have the students do some writing activity.
Print out the song worksheet for this video and have them do the writing activities.
By combining listening and singing of the song with writing, the overall result is much improved.