‘am’ word family Phonics Video

This is a phonics video on the 'am' word family. Learn to sound out, recognize and spell words that have a similar 'am' word family.
Tips: Children should watch the video the first time non-stop. Second time, they watch and pause at each word to repeat. Finally, put the video on silent mode and let children try to read the words.

Welcome kids! Get ready to learn about the ‘am’ word family in this fun and exciting phonics video. The ‘am’ word family is a group of words that have the same ending sound and spelling pattern. This video will teach you how to sound out, recognize, and spell words that belong to this word family.

To make the most of this video, we suggest that you watch it the first time all the way through without pausing. This way, you can get a sense of the rhythm and flow of the words. The second time you watch it, feel free to pause and repeat each word after the narrator. This will help you to hear and say the words more clearly. Finally, you can put the video on silent mode and try to read the words on your own.

Remember, practice makes perfect! By the end of this video, you'll be able to confidently read and spell words that belong to the 'am' word family. So, let's get started!