‘ack’ word family Phonics Video

This is a phonics video on the 'ack' word family. Learn to sound out, recognize and spell words that have a similar 'ack' word family.
Tips: Children should watch the video the first time non-stop. Second time, they watch and pause at each word to repeat. Finally, put the video on silent mode and let children try to read the words.

Hey kiddos, are you ready to learn some new words? Let's start with the 'ack' word family! In this fun and engaging phonics video, you'll learn how to sound out, recognize, and spell words that all have something in common - the 'ack' sound!

To make the most of this video, you can watch it twice. The first time, just sit back and enjoy it. The second time, pause the video after each word and try to repeat it out loud. Finally, turn the sound off and try to read the words by yourself.

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So what are you waiting for? Let's get started with the 'ack' word family and discover all the new words you can learn today!