• Aim: The aim of this lesson is to promote discussion on the viability of AI plagiarism detection as a potential solution to the threats of Generative AI in business schools.
  • Task: Watch the following video and take the test. Then prepare to share your thoughts with colleagues on the discussion questions below.

Discussion Questions

  1. Reflect on the future of AI in business and education. How might advancements in AI technology challenge current practices in plagiarism detection? What steps should institutions take to prepare for these changes?
  2. Discuss the potential impacts of AI-generated content and plagiarism detection on academic integrity. How does the use of these tools shape our understanding of originality and authorship?
  3. How would you foster an environment that values originality and critical thinking, considering what you just learned from the video. What strategies can be implemented to encourage ethical use of AI writing tools?
  4. Explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of using AI for content creation within the business environment. How can businesses leverage AI tools like Stealthwriter responsibly while ensuring the originality and quality of their content?