Word Families – aw, oi, oy, au Space Phonics Game

This is an interactive phonics space game on the word families aw, oi, oy, au. This game will help your child learn to recognize words that have a similar phonemic build-up. It is a listening game therefore; you need the best speakers or headphones. The words are pronounced naturally with a neutral American accent. Listen and choose the correct word.

Blast off into space with this fun and interactive phonics game! Your child can practice their English skills by playing this game featuring the word families aw, oi, oy, and au. Listen carefully to the words pronounced in a natural, neutral American accent and choose the correct word. It's an out-of-this-world way to build phonemic awareness!

This game is perfect for young learners who want to improve their listening and word recognition skills. As an interactive game, it keeps kids engaged and excited about learning. Plus, with the space theme, it adds an extra layer of fun to the learning experience.

Make sure to have the best speakers or headphones to fully enjoy the game and help your child learn the correct pronunciation of each word. With this game, your child will be able to recognize the patterns and similarities of word families, which will help them become more confident readers and speakers.

Are you ready to launch into learning with the aw, oi, oy, and au word families? Get started with this phonics space game now!