Word Families – ab, ag, am, an Space Phonics Game

This is an interactive phonics space game on the short ‘a’ word families (ab, ag, am, an). This game will help your child learn to recognize words that have a similar phonemic build-up. It is a listening game therefore; you need the best speakers or headphones. The words are pronounced naturally with a neutral American accent. Listen and choose the correct word.

Join us on a cosmic adventure with our Space Phonics Game! Your child will learn about the short ‘a’ word families (ab, ag, am, an) through an interactive and exciting game set in outer space. The objective is to recognize words that share similar phonemes, making it a great listening exercise. Make sure to use the best speakers or headphones to fully immerse in the game. The words are pronounced in a natural, neutral American accent for clarity. Listen closely and choose the correct word to progress through the levels. Get ready to blast off into phonics fun with our Space Phonics Game!