The Alphabetic Principle

The alphabetic principle is the idea that letters and letter patterns represent spoken language. The alphabetic principle lays the foundation for reading words. Children need to identify, name, write letters and associate them with sounds at the very beginning of a literacy course. A good knowledge of letter names, shapes and sounds is a good predictor of success in learning to read. It is therefore important to teach letter-sound relationships explicitly and in isolation.

Materials for Teaching

Kiz Phonics ® provides one of the best materials for teaching the letter-sound relationships early on.  The Kiz Phonics Preschool course is a good starting point for learning to read through phonics.

Worksheets : The Kiz Phonics Preschool worksheets are among the best in the industry for teaching children to recognize, trace and write letters of the alphabet at the preschool level.

Videos : Kiz Phonics also provides excellent short videos for presenting and teaching uppercase/lowercase letters and their initial sounds. They go hand-in-hand with the worksheets and make the task of teaching the letter names and sounds easy. The videos are song-based and provide a fun opportunity for learning the letters of the alphabet quickly. Do not hesitate to check out this brilliant version of the ABC song.

Fun Games & Activities: The Kiz Phonics course for preschool features online actitivities for naming, tracing and associating letters to sounds. Here is a great alphabet writing order activity to help learners practice. The course also features drag-n-drop games and digital flash cards, involving words with a letter and corresponding sound.
Apps for iPads/iPhones: If you own an iPad or iPhone, Kiz Phonics makes the learning of letter names and sounds even easier. Download the free Pre-K Phonics app and try..

For helping your child get up to speed with the alphabetic principle, Kiz Phonics offers a variety of resources, which careter to all learning styles. The course goes a step further by taking advantage of modern technology to deliver learning whenever and wherever possible.