Short ‘A’ Word Families Game : ack, alf, and, ank, ant, ash, ast

Learning Objectives: Built around words with the short vowel ‘a’, these phonics games will help children review and practice many three-letter word families or word patterns. Word families are a group of words that have a similar sound and writing pattern. They often rhyme and are perfect for teaching together.

Words with the following common word patterns will be reviewed in this game:

  • ‘ack’ word family: back, black, sack, crack etc.
  • ‘alf’ word family: half, calf etc.
  • ‘and’ word family: hand, sand, band etc.
  • ‘ank’ word family: sank, bank, rank, shrank, thank etc.
  • ‘ant’ word family: ant, pant, rant etc.
  • ‘ash’ word family: rash, splash, lash, smash etc.
  • ‘ast’ word family: cast, last, mast, fast  etc.

Most of these word families are formed using a combination of the short ‘a’ with ending digraphs and blends.  A good mastery of word patterns makes it easy for children to read and spell unfamiliar words. It is a great early literacy skill to have. The game involves a lot of listening and spelling. Children are expected to listen carefully to avoid being tricked.  Start by choosing from the three game designs. The goal of this phonics game is to navigate a treacherous terrain filled with pirates, crocodiles and space monsters. It is all about luck! Choose to play with a friend in team mode of by yourself in single mode. You will need luck to avoid being eaten by a monster and have your game restarted.