Short ‘A’ Phonics Warmer Song

  • Song: Short ‘a’ Warmer Song
  • Learning Objectives: The goal of this song is for teachers to use when starting a phonics lesson that involves using the short ‘a’ to blend and read simple words. This is especially useful for the kindergarten levels. It is a great TPR song.
    How to Teach:  

  1. Stick the letter ‘a’ flash card on the board or write the letter.  Point to the flash card and say the sound /a/ twice. Students repeat.
  2. Turn on the music video. Let the students listen and watch once.
  3. Break down the song by singing the ‘if you’re happy’ part. Encourage students to repeat the /a/ /a/ part.
  4. The teacher plays the song again once and when it comes to repeating the /a/ /a/, do a loud speaker gesture ( shape your two hands to form a loud speaker)
  5. Finally, sing with the students. Let the teacher and student focus be as follows:
    Teacher's Line: If you’re happy and you know it say /a/ /a/
    Students' repeat: /a/ /a/
    Encourage learners to repeat the /a/ /a/ with the loud speaker gesture.
  6. Repeat the song once or twice and start the lesson.