Letter Cc

Learn uppercase and lowercase letter Cc. Also, learn the sound of the letter. Learn how to write the letter Cc. Suitable for Preschool and Kindergarten Phonics Learners.

Hey kids! Are you ready to learn about the letter Cc? It's time to discover the Curly C! Let's have some fun and learn about this letter together.

The letter Cc makes a cool sound, like a cat meowing, "cuh-cuh-cuh." Can you say it with me? Great job!
To write the letter Cc, start at the top and draw a big, round circle, and then give it a little tail. It looks like a croissant or a crescent moon!

Now let's see what we can find that starts with the letter Cc. How about a cute cat, a colorful crayon, or a crunchy carrot?
So, come on kids, let's grab our pencils and start practicing writing the letter Cc. It's easy and fun! And who knows what amazing words we can spell with this letter. Let's get started!