Digraph /ch/, Phonics game to practice the consonant digraph /ch/

When two letters come together to make one sound, it is called a digraph. There are key consonant and vowel digraphs that help build literacy skills through phonics.  This phonics game reviews the highly recurrent consonant digraph /ch/ heard in words such as beach, chick, chess, bench.

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Phonics is a crucial part of learning to read and write. It involves understanding how letters and sounds work together to form words. One important concept in phonics is digraphs, where two letters come together to make one sound. One such consonant digraph is /ch/, which can be found in many common words like beach, chick, chess, and bench.

To help children practice this important digraph, a phonics game has been developed by KizPhonics. This game is designed to make learning fun and engaging while reinforcing the /ch/ sound.

The game involves a series of activities that focus on recognizing and identifying words with the /ch/ sound. Children are presented with a set of images and must match them to the corresponding words. For example, they may see a picture of a beach and must match it to the word "beach."

Another activity in the game involves sorting words with the /ch/ sound into the correct category. This helps children develop their ability to recognize patterns in language and strengthens their phonemic awareness.

The phonics game can be played online, making it accessible to children anywhere with an internet connection. It is also suitable for use in the classroom or at home, providing a valuable resource for teachers and parents alike.

By practicing with the /ch/ digraph game, children can improve their literacy skills, expand their vocabulary, and develop their phonemic awareness. It is a fun and engaging way to help children learn and grow.

Are Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to help your students master the consonant digraph "/ch/"? Look no further than this exciting phonics game!

As one of the most commonly used consonant digraphs, "/ch/" is an essential component of early literacy skills. With this game, your students will have the opportunity to practice recognizing and pronouncing the "/ch/" sound in a variety of words, including "beach", "chick", "chess", and "bench".

By playing this game, your students will strengthen their phonics skills and build the foundation for reading and writing success. And because it's fun and interactive, they'll be motivated to keep playing and learning.

So why wait? Download this phonics game today and start using it in your classroom or at home. Your students will love the colorful graphics and engaging gameplay, and you'll love how effective it is at reinforcing their phonics skills. With the "/ch/" digraph firmly in their arsenal, your students will be well on their way to becoming confident,