Bunny & Bug

Short ‘u’ story – ug, uzz, uff word families. See the short ‘u’ in action in this story. Also a great way to learn sight words.A bug bugs Bunny.

Join Bunny and Bug on a fun-filled adventure to learn all about the short 'u' sound and word families! In this exciting story, children will be introduced to words containing the 'ug', 'uzz', and 'uff' word families while following the antics of a pesky bug who just won't leave Bunny alone.

Through this engaging tale, children will see the short 'u' sound in action as they learn to read and recognize words like 'bug', 'hug', 'fuzz', and 'cuff'. And with plenty of sight words sprinkled throughout the story, this is a great way to improve reading fluency and build vocabulary.

So come along for the ride and discover the joy of phonics with Bunny and Bug! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned English learner, this story is sure to captivate and educate young readers. Get ready to laugh, learn, and bug out with Bunny and Bug!