Learn to write uppercase B lowercase b

This Letter Bb handwriting activity will help your child to learn the writing order of the Letter Bb (uppercase & lowercase). It will also help your child learn the sound of the letter and a word that begins with this letter. Work with your child to help them trace the letter after the hand shows the stroke order.
Some kids may still have problems holding a mouse, so feel free to help them.
Watch the hand trace the letter, then drag the arrow on the red arrow.

This game is best played on desktop browsers, not mobile devices.

Be a pro at writing the Letter B with this cool activity! Whether it's uppercase or lowercase, we'll help you learn the writing order and sound of this awesome letter. Just follow along as the hand shows you the way and trace the letter. And don't worry if you need a little help - we've got you covered! Simply watch the hand trace the letter and drag the arrow on the red arrow. Let's get writing like a boss!