‘ch’ beginning digraph Phonics Video

This is a phonics video on the 'ch' beginning digraph. Learn to sound out, recognize and spell words that have a similar 'ch' beginning digraph.
Tips: Children should watch the video the first time non-stop. Second time, they watch and pause at each word to repeat. Finally, put the video on silent mode and let children try to read the words.

This phonics video focuses on the 'ch' beginning digraph, helping learners to master the pronunciation, recognition and spelling of words that feature this digraph. To get the most out of the video, it's recommended that children watch it all the way through the first time, without stopping. Then, on the second viewing, they should pause the video after each word and repeat it aloud. Finally, the video can be put on silent mode, allowing children to read the words independently.

By providing a visual and auditory learning experience, this video helps children to develop their phonics skills and build their vocabulary. By mastering the 'ch' beginning digraph, they will be able to read and spell a wide range of words, and this will give them a strong foundation for future learning.

Overall, this phonics video is an effective tool for teachers and parents who want to support their children's literacy development. By providing clear and engaging instruction, it helps children to learn in a fun and interactive way. With regular practice, learners will develop confidence in their phonics skills and be well on their way to becoming fluent readers and writers.